The Poky Dot Restaurant in Fairmont, WV

The Poky Dot
1111 Fairmont Ave, Fairmont, WV

The Poky Dot
1111 Fairmont Ave, Fairmont, WV


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About us

Poky History

Inside the whimsically painted walls of the Poky Dot lies an era past. The long standing “Poky Dot” was owned and operated by the Delligatti family in a time of togetherness until 1952 when the drive thru barbeque and hotdog stand was purchased by Patsy Bilotta. Patsy, too, kept the quirky name as a sign that the warm atmosphere had not changed; but it would be improved. Her $5,000.00 purchase was a blessing to the present owners Steve and Dee Atkinson, who continue to represent the togetherness and fun of the fabulous 50's.

From 1999-2000, Steve and Dee made a commitment to the Poky Dot to make its walls the containment for exciting conversation and phenomenal entrees, desserts, and appetizers. Painting the walls with fanciful figures of people you might find in a 50's café, and continuous eccentric furniture, carpet, and dishware…you are sure to find something to talk about over your meal! Almost an unfamiliar building against the photos of yesteryear, the Poky is still committed to serving you the best food and the best atmosphere that Fairmont , WV can offer.

Take a look around, take another; the Poky Dot has an eye catching array of nostalgia that is still necessary to serve you with the best of the best in Soda Shop foods and drinks. Order a thick homemade milkshake and find yourself listening to the whirl of an original blender made especially for shakes back when shakes were the only way to top off a juicy burger.

History is still being made at the Poky Dot with the help of Good food and Old friends.